In 1999, best-selling author Olivier Clerc - who translated and published Don Miguel Ruiz' books in French - went to Teotihuacan, Mexico, to follow a workshop with him

Don Miguel had him go through a life-changing ritual, which Olivier later named: The Gift of Forgiveness. Knowing he had authored many books translated in a dozen languages, Don Miguel advised him to turn his experience into a new book.


In this short but intense title, Olivier shares this unique spiritual tool which can bring much relief, forgiveness and love into your life. 

Since its release, Olivier and the workshop leaders he has  trained have shared this ritual with thousands of people, in a dozen countries. The association he has founded also trains people to create autonomous Circles of Forgiveness in their country, state or city. There exists already over 250 of them worldwide.

The Gift of Forgiveness is also a transpersonal tool, when experienced in a group (during workshops or Circles of Forgiveness), which allows you to express and receive forgiveness even from people who are not physically present. It allows you to let love flow freely through your whole being. It doesn't require any prior knowledge or ability. It can be practised by anyone.

Just read it and give it a try!

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Existing Circles of Forgiveness in the World (click to see full updated map)


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